Registration for the 2025 Conference Now Open! Click Here to Register

Registrations are submitted through mail. Use the form at the link to register.

For those without a Gmail account, the link will open a Google Doc - click 'file', then 'download', and a drop-down menu will open with several file types to choose from, which can be downloaded and edited/printed, filled out, and sent back in.

For those with a Gmail account, the link will open the same Google doc, which can be downloaded and filled out like above. The link will force a copy so that you can edit and submit back via email. A new Google Doc will be created, which can be edited, and sent back via email.

If you have any questions about the conference, please contact Kelly Lomelin, LASC Registrar at: 

Disneyland is being very strict about their ticket policy. LASC's purpose is solely the students' conference and we do not have any control over Disney's ticket policies. Here is some information that we were given regarding purchasing tickets if you choose to:

There have been a few changes for Disneyland tickets this year. We will no longer be able to provide tickets for purchase, but each school can purchase group tickets through Disneyland group sales. Tickets will no longer be sold at the park, and all schools must make a reservation in advance. If your school usually goes into the park after the conference, you would want to make the reservations early; at least by mid-September or sooner. Make the reservation for a higher number than you normally expect since you can always decrease the number later. When you purchase the tickets, you will need to have an accurate number because the tickets are non-refundable. Please note, it will not be easy to add to the reservation later. For assistance with Disneyland tickets, you can call:

Jonathan De La O

Sr. Sales Manager

Disneyland Resorts



You can also refer to the website for information: Select “Curriculum and Tickets” and scroll down to Theme Park Experience. Select Student Tickets. Be sure to make your purchases and reservations as early as possible as student tickets are limited and they will sell out.

If you have any questions about Disneyland, please reach out to Disneyland directly.